Welcome to the GBM School of Evangelistic Ministry

The Evangelist is the one member of the Fivefold Ministry that stands in a unique place compared with the others.

While on the one hand, it is the lowest of the five and requires the least amount of training and preparation, the functions of the Evangelist are the most envied because this ministry seems to carry a greater manifestation of power.

If you want to see signs and wonders, particularly when it comes to a ministry of healing, this is usually seen mostly in the ministry of the Evangelist.

The first person to be called an Evangelist in the New Testament was not one of the Apostles, but a humble deacon named Philip. His original job in the ministry was not even that spiritual but involved distributing money to the poor and needy.

Another deacon named Stephen also stood out because of the great power that was manifested through him. So before you think of the Evangelist as insignificant and at the bottom of the pile, remember that this is probably one of the most visible ministries in the world, even today.

Men such Benny Hinn, Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and others have taken a place in the church as leaders because their main ministry was that of the Evangelist.

Every Believer Should Evangelise

The Evangelist is one of the Fivefold Ministry, but the prime job of bringing people to Christ is not just the work of the Evangelist. Because every believer should be carrying out the function of bringing souls into the Kingdom of God.

Any believer can get involved in the ministry of evangelism and spread the Gospel. And any believer can function in the gifts of power that accompany this kind of ministry.

So if you are not sure what kind of ministry you are called to, then this is a good place to start preparing and training for the call of God on your life.

Our courses are designed to take you from the basics and lead you along the path to the higher levels of ministry.